Self doubt – our worst enemy #amwriting

So as it has been previously stated I am currently in the process of drafting out my first novel. One of the hardest things in the past month has been rising above my self doubt.

Now that I have plotted out my story it seems that the excitement of it all has settled and my brain has kicked into overdrive with my condescending thoughts. Criticising everything I do and once that happens procrastination steps in. My brain then says, “I don’t want to work on something that is horrible”. As someone who has a high standard for everything I do I find it very hard to be motivated to do something sub optimal.

So I have a few tips for other writers who are in the same pool of depression.

    1. Have a writing buddy – someone who will support you, who is there is provide you honest feedback. There is nothing worse than someone blowing smoke up your bum and telling you your story is awesome if it isn’t. Your buddy is also there is motivate you through times of hardship. It is a two way street though, you need to help support your buddy when they need help and guidance. My main writer buddy is Lisa of course.


  • Have a break – there is nothing like a break. It clears the mind and makes everything seem so much easier. After a good rest you wonder why your barriers or issues were so hard to start with. If you don’t you will instead be stressing over trying to make a storyline flow and/or ideas. Less stress, more calm and collective story making ideas. 🙂



  • Engage in the community – if you’re having a problem or get stumped, join a friendly community of your peers. They have all been there and done that. They know the pain you’re going through. Having gone through the same problems they will have suggestions to help you out and to try. There is also nothing like a group of peers to offer a different perspective. Something you never thought to have tried but makes perfect sense now. As  a writer you may sometimes feel alone. We will deal with secret plot lines, but there are still basic processes and guidelines behind how to write or deal with these that we can ask for assistant from our friendly members of our communities. A community that I have recently joined by the recommendation of Cat Connor is Backspace. Yes I pay for it but the people are so friendly and helpful. I’m sure there are free options out there you just need to find them. Don’t be afraid to ask your peers on Twitter to see what people recommend.



This should give you a few tips to help get you out of your pit of dispair. Don’t stress, don’t be discouraged. Keep going, you can do it. If you need help or support shout out below. Happy to help.