Almost finished first draft #amwriting

So I have almost finished my first draft of my novel, it’s a major milestone in the development of my first novel.

I’m actually however very excited to move on. I can’t wait to go through the story again and re-write sections, modify the storyline and make it flow.

Still lots of work to do but I’m happy with my progress. My target was to finish my first draft by the end of the year and I have done that. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while (even if I didn’t know it) and it’s very exciting seeing it come together.

However one thing I want to touch on is that I have purchased Scrivener. I must say it is very awesome and cost effective. I love it! If you’re a writer thinking of ¬†choosing a tool to write in I cannot express enough how much Scrivener has just taken away my worries of formatting.


Finding time

So I haven’t written anything to do with my novel for more than a month. Life has been hectic, between restructures at work and a busy social life.

My goal is to have a first draft completed by the end of this year. So bearing in mind the end of the year is fast approaching I decided I needed to get my a into gear. Printing out my full story I took a few nights to skim over the entire story. My main concern was looking for major parts that were missing. I didn’t want to worry about grammar, spelling and flow just yet as that will be the entirity of my edit sessions. Two major reasons why I did this. One was to familiarize myself with the story again in detail, second was to find what major gaps I had and highlight them.

Glad I’ve done it, I feel like I have my writing mojo back. I’m engulfed in my story again and ready to take it on again.

Wish me luck!