Mobile Development Barcamp

One thing that I feel New Zealand doesn’t really seem to have a lot of is Mobile development conferences (or unconferences). So it’s pretty exciting that devmob is kicking off and they explain themselves as:

Building or selling mobile apps? Dev? Designer? UX? Marketing? iOS coder? Web designer? Windows 8 entrepreneur? Android expert? You are devmob. Come to the only conference in New Zealand for everyone who is pushing the limits of mobile platforms.

They’re running a barcamp style event in Albany, Auckland on November 17 & 18 2012. You can check out the details of the event here:

This is pretty exciting plus the event has speakers across most mobile platforms which is very cool. I am actually going to do a talk on prototyping with mobiles.

Definitely looking forward to it.


Starting the year that is 2012

As we get over the celebrations that were Christmas or New year we look forward to the year that will be 2012. What will this year have install for us?

So now that we’ve had far too much alcohol, food and relaxation we need to kick back into a routine. I have fired up my Scrivener application on my laptop. For those of you who don’t know Scrivener is my tool I use to write. The editing of my novel is now in play. Now to keep my focus and not to get side tracked.

Ooooo shiny *looks away*.