What is Souzou?

So I have a new blog title. It is Souzou. Souzou is actually a Japanese word for Imagination.

Souzou: imagination; fancy; supposition; conjecture; guess; surmise

Japanese characters:

想像 (そうぞう)
I often have ideas and creations run through my head and this ultimately helped me make the decision. It also helped that I thought the title was nice, short and catchy.

Dreams and notes

So I have my first draft done which I’ve talked about previously. I’ve been on a bit of a break while Lisa Flaus is reading through the first draft. Once she’s done with any feedback I can go through the story and have a second go through.

One of the ways I get new stories or ideas is through my dreams. So when I had a dream last night that would be a new idea for a new story I frantically wrote down the details once I woke up. I can’t leave it too long or I’ll forget it. Unfortunately I can’t control when and if I dream but if I at least note down the details, for when I’m ready to write, then it’ll be easier for me in the future.