Armageddon Expo & Diablo III

I attended with a group of friends the Armageddon Expo in Wellington in the weekend. I must say I wasn’t that impressed. They had a lot of stuff for sell and when you’re trying to save for an overseas trip all you can do is stand and admire the cool stuff. While talking my friend through who each person was dressed up like as she was a non-anime/sci-fi geek, I got interrupted by a stall boy and the conversation went down like this:

Stranger: “Do you like Diablo?”
Me: “I love Diablo actually.”
Stranger: “Do you want to sign up to our forums?”
Me: “Sure.”
Stranger: “You can win prizes such as copies of Diablo III”
Me: “Where do I sign up”
*Ams has a huge smile on face for the rest of the convention thinking of Diablo III*

Diablo III is my favourite game. I was brought up on Diablo, Diablo II & Diablo II Exp. When I was a teenager my Dad would LAN with us on Diablo II til all hours of the morning in the weekends or school holidays (much to my Mother’s disgust). I have definitely been waiting a long time for Diablo III and even live streamed the announcement of DIiablo III at the BlizCon ’08. But I think it was great to see there is a Diablo III Australia/New Zealand forums. If you’re interested the URL is which displays the latest news and character information.

As for the rest of the Expo I was slightly disappointed. I saw Kevin Sorbo from Hercules (at a distance) and Sam Jones from Flash Gordon (who looked really old). We watched Michael Winslow who is from Police Academy do his audio sound effects to a star wars clip which was quite funny. I wanted to play Tekken 5 (as I’m known as a bit of a dark horse on it) but the line was quite large and I didn’t want to upset anyone by kicking their butt 😉

My dream would be to have a BlizCon event in New Zealand or to be able to go to one overseas. That would be the ultimate; Blizzard definitely know how to do things well.