Exclusive levels in games, it needs to go!

I happened to watch an IGN video the other day about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5. As my partner and I are fans of the series we were very excited until they discussed about the exclusive content.

Previous to this consoles have had exclusive games. You either have a game on a console or you didn’t. For most games however they were available on both consoles. Now we have the problem of you can get the game but certain levels and areas are exclusive to each console.

This. Is. Annoying. I use to be able to just buy a game. Or if I was lucky and had both consoles (PS3 & Xbox 360) could buy a game for whichever platform I had. With these new consoles and their exclusive content, if I want to play all the exclusive content I need to play it on both consoles and play the exclusive content. Either through buying both versions of the game or borrowing different versions off my friends.

It also means that investigating into which version of the game to get for which console is going to be more difficult. Not only is a matter of investigating any lag or display issues it is also about which game has the best exclusive content!


Why I bought a next generation console?

We did it! We bought a next generation console. My partner & I made a decision on what platform to chose. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of research and work.

So what did we chose? Drum roll please…..

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Change, comics and all round geekiness

Since I last did my blog post there has been some change. I now work for a new company, I have a new job title and I even have new glasses. I find it funny that  people mumble about change. They want things to be the same as the good old days. But as the cliche saying goes, change is inevitable and the only thing we can count on is change.

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So where does inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. It really does depends on the individual.

I love to look at other’s awesome artwork, movie trailers and game trailers. Just watching these inspires me with other’s great work. It’s something that I can work towards and aspire to be. Not only am I inspired but I start to see stories and images entering into my head. My own stories and images.

I also take inspiration from my environment. Any place I go that is beautiful I will try to write into stories. Taking note of the sensations and feelings I will ensure I write these into the story.

Knowing what inspires you is all about awareness. When you’re down or need help to inspire you know what you can do to achieve inspiration and keep writing, drawing and being creative.

Armageddon Expo & Diablo III

I attended with a group of friends the Armageddon Expo in Wellington in the weekend. I must say I wasn’t that impressed. They had a lot of stuff for sell and when you’re trying to save for an overseas trip all you can do is stand and admire the cool stuff. While talking my friend through who each person was dressed up like as she was a non-anime/sci-fi geek, I got interrupted by a stall boy and the conversation went down like this:

Stranger: “Do you like Diablo?”
Me: “I love Diablo actually.”
Stranger: “Do you want to sign up to our forums?”
Me: “Sure.”
Stranger: “You can win prizes such as copies of Diablo III”
Me: “Where do I sign up”
*Ams has a huge smile on face for the rest of the convention thinking of Diablo III*

Diablo III is my favourite game. I was brought up on Diablo, Diablo II & Diablo II Exp. When I was a teenager my Dad would LAN with us on Diablo II til all hours of the morning in the weekends or school holidays (much to my Mother’s disgust). I have definitely been waiting a long time for Diablo III and even live streamed the announcement of DIiablo III at the BlizCon ’08. But I think it was great to see there is a Diablo III Australia/New Zealand forums. If you’re interested the URL is http://www.diii.co.nz which displays the latest news and character information.

As for the rest of the Expo I was slightly disappointed. I saw Kevin Sorbo from Hercules (at a distance) and Sam Jones from Flash Gordon (who looked really old). We watched Michael Winslow who is from Police Academy do his audio sound effects to a star wars clip which was quite funny. I wanted to play Tekken 5 (as I’m known as a bit of a dark horse on it) but the line was quite large and I didn’t want to upset anyone by kicking their butt 😉

My dream would be to have a BlizCon event in New Zealand or to be able to go to one overseas. That would be the ultimate; Blizzard definitely know how to do things well.

Full Collection

So I’m a gamer, have been from a young age. Started with Alley Cat on an old IBM “Portable Computer” and has worked it’s way up.

However due to the cost of trying to upgrade your computer every 6 months – having to the upgrade to the graphics, sound and cpu power to allow you to play a new game I’ve moved to Consoles. Between my partner & I we have a Xbox 360 & PS3. I was never concerned about not owning a Wii due to the fact (as my partner points out well) that it’s not 1080p capable.

BUT! Within the past month or so I have been pining for a Wii. One of the guys at work purchased one for the work area (which I never get to play because I start @ 7, leave @ 4.30 well before others stop working), and he bought one for home and was telling me just how much fun it was. Well if there is a hugh fun factor then forget high end graphics – sign me up! My opinion of Wii has changed significantly, the Wii-fit sounds like fun (although whoever put a weight limit on it should be shot considering you’re trying to get people FIT, one would assume you’d target unfit and overweight people??).

The other aspect is that my next generation console collection seems somewhat incomplete without a Wii. So I’m hoping our friend Gillian (who’s recently bought a Wii) can bring round his console and help me to convince my other half to join us on my Wii crusade 🙂