Back to blogging with fab four

Well I’m back to writing my blog. But seriously where did 2012 go?

Today has been one of those frustrating days. No matter where I turned there was something that went wrong or an action that would make me more frustrated. But on my walk to the train station I got an awesome call that totally changed my whole perspective of the day. I’d love to share details with you but I can’t just yet. As soon as I can you’ll know.

But I have just treated myself to a brand new iPad 3, or ‘the iPad’. It’s to replace my original iPad (so retro of me) that seems to be slowing down and freezing. It’s my treat to myself for a hard working year. I know we all know but it’s just so easy to purchase things from Especially when they own your soul through iTunes.

So the equation for today for all those math geeks out there is:

Frustration + more frustration + (awesome phone call * online shopping) = AWESOME DAY!

I have decided to add to the end of my blog posts what I’m calling my Fab four. They’ll be a question or list of what I’ve been finding and/or surfing recently. The fab four will consist of:

  1. The Internet Awesomeness link – A great link I’ve found online, whether it’s a video, comic, image or something else
  2. Book I’m reading  – What I’m reading at the moment?
  3. The song on repeat on my playlist – I usually get engrossed in a song that I have to play it over and over. I’ll chuck up one of the song’s I’m repeating at the moment.
  4. TV and/or movie – A TV and/or movie I’m obsessing over at the moment.

So for today’s Fab four here we go:

1. Internet Awesomeness Link: If you haven’t already you should check out the Oatmeal’s, My dog: the paradox comic. It’s hilarious and very true. You can check it out here –

2. Book I’m reading: Flashbyte by Cat Connor. She is an amazing crime thriller writer who lives in Wellington! How awesome is that? Cat is also on Twitter so you can talk to her here.

3. The song on repeat on my playlist: Ellie Goulding – Lights

4. TV and/or movie: I’m obsessing over Resident Evil 5 right now. I love Resident Evil and the fact that many of the old characters have been incorporated back into the story line is great! I can’t wait to see it. Now if only I could convince someone to come with me!

Well that is me for the night.

Signing off – Ams.