When it’s just not good enough

I finished my first draft for my novel late last year. It was very hard for me during that process because although I was writing a lot of content I wasn’t satisfied with the novel story line. Yes I am fussy, yes I am a perfectionist so it was hard for me to continue with it. But I had to knock something out to build my confidence and get something down.

The important thing is that I had something to modify. I have content to move and play with. If I hadn’t of pushed myself to get a first draft I wouldn’t have had that luxury. I would probably still be debating the storyline in my head. Now i get to go through my novel and look at what I’m going to modify or change.



Starting the year that is 2012

As we get over the celebrations that were Christmas or New year we look forward to the year that will be 2012. What will this year have install for us?

So now that we’ve had far too much alcohol, food and relaxation we need to kick back into a routine. I have fired up my Scrivener application on my laptop. For those of you who don’t know Scrivener is my tool I use to write. The editing of my novel is now in play. Now to keep my focus and not to get side tracked.

Ooooo shiny *looks away*.