Lucky PC Build 3 – The night of gaming!

My luck with PC’s has not gone well.

I have managed to blow up the PSU in the past two PC’s I have had. One of which was built from spare parts from my Dad’s bits and pieces.

After visiting my family last week they’ve resurrected the Diablo II gaming until Diablo III releases. So I turned green with envy with no working PC so my Dad packed me off with a spare PSU telling me to go sort my old PC out. I replaced the PSU last weekend but then the next issue I had was the GeForceFX 6600GT card in the box was not working properly. The Bios could recognise the card BUT XP wouldn’t. It was really weird, no forums or anyone I talked to had seen this problem before. I had installed the correct Nvidia drivers, checked the power cable was plugged in, checked the fan on the graphics card worked did all the basic checks.

So in the end my wonderful Dad gave me a GeForceFX 6600GT he had lying around for me to put into the machine to get running. As soon as I put it in, installed the 5 series Nvidia drivers it worked perfectly.

But the whole reason I did all this was to play Diablo II and what did I manage to loose? Yes my whole collection of CD’s of Diablo II & Diablo II Expansion. Luckily I found them in the end. Installed and then hopped online having a run through with my Dad and younger brother. Started at 7.30pm and finished off about 11.14pm finishing Act 1. Hopefully we will have a run through Act 2 shortly.

Moral of the story? Dad’s rock!