The month of chaos

I am hanging on by the tips of my fingers, riding this month out. February is always chaotic and I’ve been doing some thinking recently to understand why. I have come to the conclusion that this month is busy because of one thing. Every facet of my life is busy.

In the business world, February is usually when most boards start to get back into the swing of things. In my normal day job as a software architect it is the time where we help prep new projects to go to the board for investment cases. There is usually a stack of new projects in February because of the Christmas holidays and people being on holiday. In my second job I have to prepare by reading board papers and to meet up with my fellow councillors.

It is no secret I am the woman of many side projects. It is usually during the time of January I collect a few new projects, hopefully while losing or passing on a few projects to others. It is just who I am, I like to keep myself busy with things I am absolutely passionate about. Sometimes these ideas just happen to be quite aspirational items, however it does take until February for the organising to start kicking off.

With this month also brings a lot of wonderful birthdays, including my own. Many of my close friends celebrate their ageing in style. Weekends are jam packed full of events and I’m grateful to have such amazing friends.

So the start of this weekend I sit writing this. Thankful for the cancellation of plans this weekend to allow me a few days off. This post may seem like a whine or that I’m ungrateful, far from it. It’s a break down so that I can understand and know what to do next year. Maybe I go to the extreme and take a month off to go travelling around the world instead? Maybe I pre-book out an ‘Amber day’ within each of the weekends next February.

Header image is courtesy of Flickr user Solid_shift.


A post about my love for TableTop

So today’s post is about my favourite YouTube series from Geek & Sundry called TableTop.

I can say without any doubt that I am now a game board geek because of this YouTube series, it is hosted by Wil Wheaton. The series is a great way to easily learn board games, makes it fun and I find enjoyable to watch.

To make sure that there are more TableTop series there needs to be more people watching the series.

So here are some easy steps on what to do:

1. Watch the series (trust me it’s awesome) here.

2. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, because their sponsors will continue to support them if they see user engagement.

3. And just for fun, buy more awesome boardgames. The best places in New Zealand I have found are:

  • MightyApe – They seem to be importing a lot of games from the US & UK.
  • Seriously Board – I haven’t used them but they seem like great guys who love board games.

I have a group of friends who love board games too that I didn’t realise. It’s been awesome working my way through the different games they have and having such an awesome time 🙂

Thanks Wil Wheaton for showing me the awesome world of TableTop!