What is Souzou?

So I have a new blog title. It is Souzou. Souzou is actually a Japanese word for Imagination.

Souzou: imagination; fancy; supposition; conjecture; guess; surmise

Japanese characters:

想像 (そうぞう)
I often have ideas and creations run through my head and this ultimately helped me make the decision. It also helped that I thought the title was nice, short and catchy.

Creating a Presence

So I had a DM from an author Shelley Workinger asking me if I had a work page.

A work page I thought. I don’t really have a work page. I have a personal blog and I help to write for Author’s Block but I don’t have a work page as a writer.

I always thought that I would create a website later on once I had published my novel. Never thought anyone would care to know what I said before hand.

But now I’m here, will try to post regularly. Letting people know my progress and maybe some inside peaks into the life of a part time writer!

Have lots of fun,