An introduction to my Character

Kyra Stratley

I’d like you to meet Kyra Stratley. Kyra is the main character from my work in progress novel. The final title has yet to be determined. Yes I have finished the first draft only this year but I’ve had this idea (with a friend of mine) for over 11 years.

This is a drawing I did back in 2005 that I thought I would share with you.

Let’s take a quick sneak peak into Kyra and who she is.

Kyra Stratley

Kyra was orphaned as a young girl. She is withdrawn and finds it hard to trust others. Being very much a lone wolf she doesn’t like others to be dependent on her. Although Kyra may come across as cold she does care.¬†She is a thrill seeker though and likes to take risks.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed stopping by and hopefully you enjoyed meeting Kyra.


Motivation is Key – Flower Painting

So it was one of those days where I just really wanted to go and paint. So once I got home from work and had some dinner I decided to set up my garage to be able to paint. Unfortunately I don’t have an proper easel so I’m using a ‘very’ small canvas easel with a large canvas. Very funny to from a distance but I manage.

Tonight I managed to finish a painting that I had started quite a while ago (when I was in my old house over a year ago), it was originally a commission but it didn’t turn out. Ignore the red trolley in the bottom corner the painting is drying in my garage.