HTC’s & Android

While I’m begging for a colleague of mine to bring me back a G1 for ‘Testing’ purposes from the UK I’ve found out how to add the Android to your Telecom Okta Touch (although I think it’s ok with most HTC devices).

Thanks to Mr Johnston of Massey who’s adapted the Android system for an HTC here is the link to Martin’s page:

Chatting with my colleague, who has already converted his, it runs on top of the Windows Mobile and when he runs Android WM shuts down. Had a play with it today and it’s a good OS, I’m loving it and now scheming to get a device that I can put it on 🙂

So here are some instructions on how to install Android onto your mobile:

How to install
1. Clear/delete all previous instances/installations of Android.
2. Delete/move any files named either system or data on your card.
3. Download the latest zip package from dzo’s site (here:
4. Unzip package to a folder on your card named Android.
5. Copy and paste both the files data and system to the root of your card.
6. Create a folder named Android in the root of your device.
7. Copy and paste all other files from the folder named Android on your card to the folder named Android on your device.
8. Turn off GPS.
9. (If you want data to work, start up a data connection before this by starting PIE or something) Navigate to the folder called Android in the root of your device.
10. Run haret.exe.
11. Click the little “run” button and wait.

If you are having problems:
* Simply try to start all over again (be sure not to have more than one file named system (no matter the extension) and not more than one file named data (no matter the extension) on your card) by clearing/deleting any and all files from any and all previous instances/installations of Android anywhere on your card or on the device.
* Try a different (and preferably smaller card, sometimes Android struggles with larger (sdhc) cards.
* Try soft-resetting.
* Be sure that when you try to boot, your gps is completely inactive.

To load your own apps/.apk package files:
1. Download a package file (there are some here) and when saving it, be sure the extension is .apk.
2. Creat a folder on your card named “AndroidApps” (yes it must be exactly like that but w/o the quotes).
3. Place any apk files you want in that folder, sometimes calendar provider and one or two other ones are causing it not to boot. So try more out gradually as you go.
4. Just go ahead and start up Android now, that will do it. It will install them by itself on boot.

Instructions are curtisy of PPC Geeks –
Link to Android download is