Change, comics and all round geekiness

Since I last did my blog post there has been some change. I now work for a new company, I have a new job title and I even have new glasses. I find it funny that  people mumble about change. They want things to be the same as the good old days. But as the cliche saying goes, change is inevitable and the only thing we can count on is change.

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Environmental Issues

Today at work the air con was out. It was getting up to 25 degrees (Celsius) and it was pretty unbearable. People were getting grumpy and didn’t want to talk to each other really.

It’s amazing how much environment actually helps us to work. A simple thing as no air con and it throws most of what could be a productive day out the window. Suddenly an office area full of tall glass windows isn’t so fun when the afternoon sun is beating down on us all.

All I can say is thank goodness to the man (or woman) who invented the air conditioning unit, and hopefully it is resolved for tomorrow.

Also – Xmas soon. Yay!