A hectic week

Sometimes you blink and you wonder where time has gone. This has been my past week or so.

This week my normal day job has been very hectic. I have been in almost back to back meetings. I’ve barely even had time for lunches which is where I like to work on my novel sometimes (when I’m in the mood).

My partner surprised me this week getting me the new iPhone 4s (isn’t he awesome!). If you don’t know what it is you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 3 years but it’s a new mobile phone. But my phone broke this week (had it a total of 4 days), the touch interface just stopped working. A bit of a major problem when the whole phone is driven from the touch interface. So that is off being repaired, wishing time would fly by so I can get it back again!

I managed to tackle a part of a chapter in my novel. I sat down and worked through it applying more descriptions and introductions to scenes and trying to take assumptions out of the novel. I had Lisa Flaus check it to see whether I was heading down the right track. She was happy so I will continue writing/editing my chapters into a much better state. So far I’ve done half a chapter but once I’ve finished writing this blog post I’m off to finish the rest of that chapter.

I am traveling for work to a black tie event next week and will have a few days where I won’t really be able to write. Bit of a shame but I guess I’m embracing it and looking at these “time outs” as an opportunity to take a micro rest.

I will continue to observe and dream. It’s something I do automatically, even if I’m unable to sit down and write, my brain will come up with ideas. 🙂


The i9 Experience

So I had an i9 phone imported in from China through a friend. Since I’m a little too poor to purchase the iphone I thought I’d try the iphone look a like.

Although it may look very similar here are my thoughts on why I did not like:

1. Cheap
It is cheap and feels cheap. The phone is light and when I took out the stylus it broke!

It is Quadband only – due to a mix up my phone was suppose to be w850 but they thought I wanted 850GSM. In the world of 3G, GSM phones are soon to be a thing of the past.

3. Interface
Is somewhat slow in some areas and tends to freeze often. I don’t think it’s very nice at all.

However the phone had two nifty features. One being that you could plug it into your pc via USB and use it as a webcam (since it had a camera on the back) which was pretty cool. A colleague and I ended up webcamming each other for about 5 minutes during lunchtime. The other cool feature is the face it will take two SIM cards simultaneously. Was handy and when you made calls or send messages to someone else you could select between SIM 1 or SIM 2. Very handy considering previous Dual SIM handsets have been a pain where you’re either on one SIM or the other.

Overall I rate this phone poorly. It has shown me how much I envy the iphone and desperately want one!

Link to the i9 phone specifications and details: http://is.gd/frMp

Vodafone’s new purchase

So Vodafone have purchased Wayfinder. Wayfinder are a Swedish navigational software company. This is definitely an interesting purchase. The future of Telecommunications it’s about what services you can offer customers while ensuring you deliver basics well.

So the question I have for Vodafone is why purchase Wayfinder? I’m not saying it was a bad decision I just think the whole discussion around whether you host something yourself or get someone else to host it for you? In this day and age of navigational software Nokia maps and Google maps are probably the biggest leaders. I wonder whether it would make more sense to leverage off their branding and experience to deliver map services to your customers?

I’m no expert in navigational software however with the recent closure of smaps.co.nz I wonder whether keeping the maps up to date could be an enormous task and sometimes it is better to pay others for the horrible task of keeping that data up to date then actually doing it yourself. On a side note in this day and age you can negotiate with 3rd parties quite a bit and can probably get a price considerably below what it would cost you to do it yourself.

With the purchase of Wayfinder I wonder whether Vodafone will be removing Nokia maps from the firmware for Nokia handsets they bring in once their product is ready?

HTC’s & Android

While I’m begging for a colleague of mine to bring me back a G1 for ‘Testing’ purposes from the UK I’ve found out how to add the Android to your Telecom Okta Touch (although I think it’s ok with most HTC devices).

Thanks to Mr Johnston of Massey who’s adapted the Android system for an HTC here is the link to Martin’s page: http://it029000.massey.ac.nz/vogue/

Chatting with my colleague, who has already converted his, it runs on top of the Windows Mobile and when he runs Android WM shuts down. Had a play with it today and it’s a good OS, I’m loving it and now scheming to get a device that I can put it on 🙂

So here are some instructions on how to install Android onto your mobile:

How to install
1. Clear/delete all previous instances/installations of Android.
2. Delete/move any files named either system or data on your card.
3. Download the latest zip package from dzo’s site (here: http://it029000.massey.ac.nz/vogue/)
4. Unzip package to a folder on your card named Android.
5. Copy and paste both the files data and system to the root of your card.
6. Create a folder named Android in the root of your device.
7. Copy and paste all other files from the folder named Android on your card to the folder named Android on your device.
8. Turn off GPS.
9. (If you want data to work, start up a data connection before this by starting PIE or something) Navigate to the folder called Android in the root of your device.
10. Run haret.exe.
11. Click the little “run” button and wait.

If you are having problems:
* Simply try to start all over again (be sure not to have more than one file named system (no matter the extension) and not more than one file named data (no matter the extension) on your card) by clearing/deleting any and all files from any and all previous instances/installations of Android anywhere on your card or on the device.
* Try a different (and preferably smaller card, sometimes Android struggles with larger (sdhc) cards.
* Try soft-resetting.
* Be sure that when you try to boot, your gps is completely inactive.

To load your own apps/.apk package files:
1. Download a package file (there are some here) and when saving it, be sure the extension is .apk.
2. Creat a folder on your card named “AndroidApps” (yes it must be exactly like that but w/o the quotes).
3. Place any apk files you want in that folder, sometimes calendar provider and one or two other ones are causing it not to boot. So try more out gradually as you go.
4. Just go ahead and start up Android now, that will do it. It will install them by itself on boot.

Instructions are curtisy of PPC Geeks – http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=23244
Link to Android download is http://it029000.massey.ac.nz/vogue/

Telecom’s Big Decision

Telecom announced today that it would be rolling out a 850 WCDMA network across New Zealand. Not only do I think this is an awesome result I commend Telecom for making the first step towards the Next Generation Mobile Network.

If they complete this rollout on time and stable for Customers this will be a real advantage and give them the upper hand they have been somewhat lacking for a year or so.

Congratulations Telecom – best decision I think 🙂