Too busy to think

So it has been very manic. I feel like an old woman with no energy. I have however inherited an iPad so I bought a stylus and downloaded an app called paper. It allows me to sketch so here is a doodle I did today on it. Enjoy 🙂


A picture is worth a thousand words

I thought I would share one of the pictures that I’ve done for my story idea.

As you may or may not know I have had the idea of the story for quite a few years, almost 12. The idea was started by myself and my friend Aralyss. I have her permission to write this shared idea, in fact she can’t wait to read what I’ve done. But before I came up with the idea to write a novel we were originally going to create an animation with this idea.

Over the past 12 years I have collections of pictures that I’ve drawn. I wanted to share one of the images I drew of my main character from my novel Kyra. I won’t give too much away but I’ll share the image with you all. 🙂

Sketch of Kyra:

Coloured image of Kyra:

Motivation is Key – Flower Painting

So it was one of those days where I just really wanted to go and paint. So once I got home from work and had some dinner I decided to set up my garage to be able to paint. Unfortunately I don’t have an proper easel so I’m using a ‘very’ small canvas easel with a large canvas. Very funny to from a distance but I manage.

Tonight I managed to finish a painting that I had started quite a while ago (when I was in my old house over a year ago), it was originally a commission but it didn’t turn out. Ignore the red trolley in the bottom corner the painting is drying in my garage.

Crafting Earrings – Spare time was found

So I had a few hours spare the other night and decided to get out my tools and create some jewellery. I picked up all my containers of beads and jewellery pieces and spread them out across our coffee table at home making it unusable and made two pairs of earrings.

1. Butterfly Star Earrings

2. Leaves & Stars Earrings

They didn’t turn out too bad, my sister really likes them. Made a pair of earrings for a best friend for her birthday similar to the Leaves & Stars Earrings and she loved them.