Exclusive levels in games, it needs to go!

I happened to watch an IGN video the other day about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5. As my partner and I are fans of the series we were very excited until they discussed about the exclusive content.

Previous to this consoles have had exclusive games. You either have a game on a console or you didn’t. For most games however they were available on both consoles. Now we have the problem of you can get the game but certain levels and areas are exclusive to each console.

This. Is. Annoying. I use to be able to just buy a game. Or if I was lucky and had both consoles (PS3 & Xbox 360) could buy a game for whichever platform I had. With these new consoles and their exclusive content, if I want to play all the exclusive content I need to play it on both consoles and play the exclusive content. Either through buying both versions of the game or borrowing different versions off my friends.

It also means that investigating into which version of the game to get for which console is going to be more difficult. Not only is a matter of investigating any lag or display issues it is also about which game has the best exclusive content!


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