Why I bought a next generation console?

We did it! We bought a next generation console. My partner & I made a decision on what platform to chose. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of research and work.

So what did we chose? Drum roll please…..

The Playstation 4.

I wanted to outline how we came to the decision of a Playstation 4. It really came down to multiple factors.

Consoles are expensive. It is sometimes hard to save so much with everything going on in our lives. Sometimes adult responsibility gets the better of us, rather than the excited children we were who swore we would always buy toys into our adult lives. Although I would like to think that I still buy a lot of toys 🙂

We managed to get vouchers for a major electronics store and a lot. Changing banks we claimed rewards points as Make sure you take advantage of the points you earn through reward programmes – a lot of them do vouchers and they can help eat into the cost of items for you.

Stock levels
In January we visited one of the major electronics store and asked about whether they had PS4’s in stock since we had vouchers. The answer was no, there was no PS4’s in stock and there wouldn’t be until March. The funny thing was that the gentleman then said to us, “We have plenty of Xbox One’s in stock if you want to buy one of them.” Now I’m not sure about you guys but that made me a little dubious. It may have just been that Microsoft managed their stocks really well. It could also mean that no one is buying them. We politely refused and walked out. This information tucked away in my brain to add to the information I’m building for which console to get.

Researching Issues
I wanted to keep an eye on newsfeeds and listen to feedback from people no social media about the consoles. The one issue that seemed to me to be a big issue was the Xbox One scaling up graphics. They would take a 720p game and upscale it to 1080p. Here is an article at eurogamer.net explaining the issue. The issue was resolved in an update in late February but it’s something that we were aware of before purchasing.

One thing to note is that there have been no reports of massive failures like the infamous “Red Ring of Death” (known as RROD) on previous generations, so it wasn’t a concern for us at this time.

My friends experience
As I’ve previously mentioned, talking to my friends and seeing what they were looking at purchasing was a key item for me. It’s no good me buying a console if all my friends are on the other console having a fun time without me. A good part of these consoles is the online gaming that you can do with friends. My friends were all keen to buy a PS4 too and our research and thinking lined up, which is always helpful.

The lineup of games
People like different games and it really comes down to personal choice. My partner & I went through the games we loved and the francises and we felt that the PS4 for us would be the better lineup for us to start with. With exclusive content on Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Metal Gear solid games and many others.

Final Verdict
It really is a personal choice as to which console you want to chose. Make sure you research into which console is right for you. Talk to your friends to see what they’re looking at getting and research into the games that are coming out.
One of the key things to note is that we wouldn’t rule out purchasing an Xbox One in the future. At this moment in time however we thought a Playstation 4 was the best way to go for us.

Happy gaming!


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