Superman is back?

DC are releasing next year their Man of Steel movie, a reboot of the Superman franchise. I was very afraid of this movie, I was not a huge fan of the previous movies. I watched the Man of Steel trailer last week, expecting it to be a steaming pile of crap. Well was I surprised! Watching it I was quite excited and really can’t wait for the movie. Zack Snyder is the director who also directed 300, Watchmen & Suckerpunch (which was not that great). Zack has teamed up with David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan as the writers. I am eagerly awaiting this movie now. Here is the trailer if you have not seen it yet.

But what does concern me is that this film, like Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy is not to be linked to the Justice League movie, looking to launch 2015. How do they plan on introducing the characters of the Justice League? It’s a big ask to give us six plus new characters and expect us to know their back story and who they are. Marvel, DC’s main competing superhero franchise, have done very well in each of their films building up to the main movie that was the Avengers (2012). Each movie showed the character and their motives as well as their personalities. It just concerns me that DC are not as concerned about their character development.



A post about my love for TableTop

So today’s post is about my favourite YouTube series from Geek & Sundry called TableTop.

I can say without any doubt that I am now a game board geek because of this YouTube series, it is hosted by Wil Wheaton. The series is a great way to easily learn board games, makes it fun and I find enjoyable to watch.

To make sure that there are more TableTop series there needs to be more people watching the series.

So here are some easy steps on what to do:

1. Watch the series (trust me it’s awesome) here.

2. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, because their sponsors will continue to support them if they see user engagement.

3. And just for fun, buy more awesome boardgames. The best places in New Zealand I have found are:

  • MightyApe – They seem to be importing a lot of games from the US & UK.
  • Seriously Board – I haven’t used them but they seem like great guys who love board games.

I have a group of friends who love board games too that I didn’t realise. It’s been awesome working my way through the different games they have and having such an awesome time 🙂

Thanks Wil Wheaton for showing me the awesome world of TableTop!

Environmental Issues

Today at work the air con was out. It was getting up to 25 degrees (Celsius) and it was pretty unbearable. People were getting grumpy and didn’t want to talk to each other really.

It’s amazing how much environment actually helps us to work. A simple thing as no air con and it throws most of what could be a productive day out the window. Suddenly an office area full of tall glass windows isn’t so fun when the afternoon sun is beating down on us all.

All I can say is thank goodness to the man (or woman) who invented the air conditioning unit, and hopefully it is resolved for tomorrow.

Also – Xmas soon. Yay!