A hectic week

Sometimes you blink and you wonder where time has gone. This has been my past week or so.

This week my normal day job has been very hectic. I have been in almost back to back meetings. I’ve barely even had time for lunches which is where I like to work on my novel sometimes (when I’m in the mood).

My partner surprised me this week getting me the new iPhone 4s (isn’t he awesome!). If you don’t know what it is you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 3 years but it’s a new mobile phone. But my phone broke this week (had it a total of 4 days), the touch interface just stopped working. A bit of a major problem when the whole phone is driven from the touch interface. So that is off being repaired, wishing time would fly by so I can get it back again!

I managed to tackle a part of a chapter in my novel. I sat down and worked through it applying more descriptions and introductions to scenes and trying to take assumptions out of the novel. I had Lisa Flaus check it to see whether I was heading down the right track. She was happy so I will continue writing/editing my chapters into a much better state. So far I’ve done half a chapter but once I’ve finished writing this blog post I’m off to finish the rest of that chapter.

I am traveling for work to a black tie event next week and will have a few days where I won’t really be able to write. Bit of a shame but I guess I’m embracing it and looking at these “time outs” as an opportunity to take a micro rest.

I will continue to observe and dream. It’s something I do automatically, even if I’m unable to sit down and write, my brain will come up with ideas. 🙂

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