The i9 Experience

So I had an i9 phone imported in from China through a friend. Since I’m a little too poor to purchase the iphone I thought I’d try the iphone look a like.

Although it may look very similar here are my thoughts on why I did not like:

1. Cheap
It is cheap and feels cheap. The phone is light and when I took out the stylus it broke!

It is Quadband only – due to a mix up my phone was suppose to be w850 but they thought I wanted 850GSM. In the world of 3G, GSM phones are soon to be a thing of the past.

3. Interface
Is somewhat slow in some areas and tends to freeze often. I don’t think it’s very nice at all.

However the phone had two nifty features. One being that you could plug it into your pc via USB and use it as a webcam (since it had a camera on the back) which was pretty cool. A colleague and I ended up webcamming each other for about 5 minutes during lunchtime. The other cool feature is the face it will take two SIM cards simultaneously. Was handy and when you made calls or send messages to someone else you could select between SIM 1 or SIM 2. Very handy considering previous Dual SIM handsets have been a pain where you’re either on one SIM or the other.

Overall I rate this phone poorly. It has shown me how much I envy the iphone and desperately want one!

Link to the i9 phone specifications and details:


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