Why I hate Christmas Shopping

So I went Christmas shopping last week and there is ONE thing that bugs the hell out of me. The Electronics Counter.

Since opening the Warehouse have had a separate counter for Electronics. Why? Because they store all DVD’s, CD’s, games etc there to put into your cases. So why suddenly during Christmas shopping chaos do people think you suddenly need to go up to the main shopping counters? They’re ALWAYS had the ‘electronics counter’ and you’ve always had to purchase them there. The rules don’t change just because it’s Christmas and all you do is piss people off (like me) that are standing behind you. I have 2 items and you make me wait 10 minutes for your DVD. I’m impatient and I hate shopping as it is.

Learn shopping etiquette.

Your Annoyed Christmas Shopper.


Vodafone’s new purchase

So Vodafone have purchased Wayfinder. Wayfinder are a Swedish navigational software company. This is definitely an interesting purchase. The future of Telecommunications it’s about what services you can offer customers while ensuring you deliver basics well.

So the question I have for Vodafone is why purchase Wayfinder? I’m not saying it was a bad decision I just think the whole discussion around whether you host something yourself or get someone else to host it for you? In this day and age of navigational software Nokia maps and Google maps are probably the biggest leaders. I wonder whether it would make more sense to leverage off their branding and experience to deliver map services to your customers?

I’m no expert in navigational software however with the recent closure of smaps.co.nz I wonder whether keeping the maps up to date could be an enormous task and sometimes it is better to pay others for the horrible task of keeping that data up to date then actually doing it yourself. On a side note in this day and age you can negotiate with 3rd parties quite a bit and can probably get a price considerably below what it would cost you to do it yourself.

With the purchase of Wayfinder I wonder whether Vodafone will be removing Nokia maps from the firmware for Nokia handsets they bring in once their product is ready?