Blizzcon never disappoints

So with Blizzcon ’08 finished some exciting news came out of the always eventful conference.

Diablo III has announced a new class, the Wizard. This is the third class to have been announced (of 5) and joins the Witch Doctor and Barbarian.

With the Wizard class they released a new trailer which looked pretty awesome while the character was running through some amazing looking 3d dungeons.

Also exciting news for Starcraft fans, Starcraft II is to be a trilogy. Not so fun for me who never really got into Starcraft but my little brother is going to love this.

On a side note I would love to go to a Blizzcon. Just the way Blizzard do things is super awesome. Let’s hope they’re happy with Diablo III to release it within my lifetime!

Oh P.s. Blizzard I’m available for a job anytime – just call me 🙂


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