Full Collection

So I’m a gamer, have been from a young age. Started with Alley Cat on an old IBM “Portable Computer” and has worked it’s way up.

However due to the cost of trying to upgrade your computer every 6 months – having to the upgrade to the graphics, sound and cpu power to allow you to play a new game I’ve moved to Consoles. Between my partner & I we have a Xbox 360 & PS3. I was never concerned about not owning a Wii due to the fact (as my partner points out well) that it’s not 1080p capable.

BUT! Within the past month or so I have been pining for a Wii. One of the guys at work purchased one for the work area (which I never get to play because I start @ 7, leave @ 4.30 well before others stop working), and he bought one for home and was telling me just how much fun it was. Well if there is a hugh fun factor then forget high end graphics – sign me up! My opinion of Wii has changed significantly, the Wii-fit sounds like fun (although whoever put a weight limit on it should be shot considering you’re trying to get people FIT, one would assume you’d target unfit and overweight people??).

The other aspect is that my next generation console collection seems somewhat incomplete without a Wii. So I’m hoping our friend Gillian (who’s recently bought a Wii) can bring round his console and help me to convince my other half to join us on my Wii crusade 🙂


Telecom’s Big Decision

Telecom announced today that it would be rolling out a 850 WCDMA network across New Zealand. Not only do I think this is an awesome result I commend Telecom for making the first step towards the Next Generation Mobile Network.

If they complete this rollout on time and stable for Customers this will be a real advantage and give them the upper hand they have been somewhat lacking for a year or so.

Congratulations Telecom – best decision I think 🙂

Blizzcon never disappoints

So with Blizzcon ’08 finished some exciting news came out of the always eventful conference.

Diablo III has announced a new class, the Wizard. This is the third class to have been announced (of 5) and joins the Witch Doctor and Barbarian.

With the Wizard class they released a new trailer which looked pretty awesome while the character was running through some amazing looking 3d dungeons.

Also exciting news for Starcraft fans, Starcraft II is to be a trilogy. Not so fun for me who never really got into Starcraft but my little brother is going to love this.

On a side note I would love to go to a Blizzcon. Just the way Blizzard do things is super awesome. Let’s hope they’re happy with Diablo III to release it within my lifetime!

Oh P.s. Blizzard I’m available for a job anytime – just call me 🙂